Dear Hydrogen users,
It's time for a sad announcement. Some of you may have seen this coming, others may have not. This announcement is to tell you that Hydrogen will officially cease it's production and end it's support for all products associated with Hydrogen. There's a wide range of reasons for this, such as more and more busy personal life conflicts as well as loss of motivation for the whole scene. We've had an amazing journey in the 1,5 years we've existed. We'd like to thank everyone, going from the staff team to the regular users for sticking with us on this journey. It's not always been an easy one, but some of us have made friends for life. We thank each and every one of you, and we wish you the very best :) The website will only feature a page that'll display that we've ceased production. We will leave one channel open in this discord server until the website goes down. After that the discord server will also be deleted. Please keep discussion civil and friendly.

Goodbye dear friends <3